Remembrance Day with June Ballinger

The Women’s Welsh Club of New York City presents




A one woman show about a remarkable woman who worked at Bletchley Park to break the code helping to bring about the end of World War II

Saturday, February 4th, 2017 at 1:30 pm

Welsh Congregation of New York City
c/o Rutgers Presbyterian Church
236 West 73rd Street
New York, NY 10023
June Ballinger slips in and out of characters like a DuPont stocking – graceful and smooth.”
– New York Theatre Guide, Jacquelyn Claire
We are in England in a village churchyard in 2005, where 80 year old Nancy Ballinger is attending a Remembrance Day ceremony. She is holding tightly onto her secrets of wartime code breaking at Bletchley Park, and her memories of life journey fraught with honor-bound oaths,
three loves which changed her life path, grief, a post-War new life in America, and a new struggle for identity.
In this play, Nancy is played by her real life daughter, June Ballinger, who was inspired to write this story after she found a box of Nancy’s letters, keepsakes, and a diary after her mother’s passing in 2013. These stored memories are dusted off and form the cipher system of one woman’s life that we are invited to decode. It is a series of old sepia photographs coming to life in vivid
theatrical color.

$5.00 donation at the door.

Traditional Welsh te bach after the performance.